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Here goes, a blog to show my pictures and thoughts on random stuff.

Photography is my thing, so a whole lot of pictures appear before my lens and as I like to think some are pretty okay, they are going to appear here daily (I hope).

The discipline of online work is important, so will try hard on this one. Lots to play with on the layout, it seems, that is Easter taken up !

Musicport 2012--250  Musicport 2012--235 Musicport 2012--244

Shots from the superb Musicport Festival in Whitby.

Music is my favourite genre, and because I love music so much, it is a kind of perfect to be at Festivals taking photo’s. Heard and seen some amazing acts, and more to come in 2013.As to tastes, favourite Radio show has to be Gilles Petersen, on 6 Music. Recommend highly , he crosses so many borders, jazz, dance, world, folk and I always hear something new.

Listening to his show on Iplayer Radio now, get it tapped in

I am a Canon gear user, with a collection of bodies and lenses, and now have taken onboard the  mirrorless Nex 5, which I rate highly, and the miraculous Sony RX100 which is a joy to use. I have pimped the Rx up with a Flipbac grip, a mini tripod as a handle for comfort, and covered the Record button, which I was always pressing.  A simple solution, a Sticky Fixer folded in half, a hole cut about the size of the button, stuck on the body, and some black duct tape over it, bit crude but it works. Hopefully we may have a firmware upgrade to disable it at some stage, or I may do movies. The accidental ones looked good !

Great camera for urban photography, small with a wide angle on the zoom. Used it in galleries and the low light capability is good. Will get to post some shots later, once I have learnt what I can do with layout. Already seen some neat layouts, and will be able to integrate my Smugmug site too, save time and effort.